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Loud Sound Air Horn For Football Fans

Product Description


Air horns for ball game and party supplies is a kind of noise maker for some activity celebrations, which make a super sound for inspiring and heart-stirring cheer.
You should be alarming for the big sound if someone plays a joke near you. With the mental preparation, anyone shouldn’t put the party air horn or football air horn near you ears.

Model Number OEM
Unit Packing Plastic + Tin Bottle
Occasion Ball game, festival parties
Propellant Gas
Color Red
Capacity 250ml
Can Size D: 52mm, H: 128mm
Packing Size 52*38*18.5cm/ctn
MOQ 10000pcs
Certificate MSDS
Payment 30% Deposit Advance
OEM Accepted
Packing Details 24sets/ctn
Delivery Time 25-30 days

Product Features

1.Professional air horn making, great for parties/sports games
2.Noise maker, super sound for cheering
3.Hand held, easy to carry
4.Red and attractive can,catching your eyes


Perfect for sports events: football games, basketball games, volleyball games and so on.
Suitable for party events: Christmas, birthday, Halloween, New Year...
Available for alarming: walking and running command


1.Customization service is allowed based on your specific requirements.
2.More gas inside will provide a big sound
3.Your own logo can be imprinted on it.
4.Shapes are in perfect condition before shipping.
5. A plastic horn and a can in a transparent bag, easy to carry.


1.This air horn emits a very loud noise when deployed.
2.Always stand far away from other individuals and animals when using.
3.Never blow directly into an individuals or animals ear for it may cause permanent eardrum or hearing damage.
4.Avoid using in the vicinity of people with heart problems.
5.This is not a toy, adult supervision required.
6.Keep out of reach of children.

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